Italy, is a protected area

Italy, is a protected area

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, signed the last decree on march 9th, 2020 telling the new measures adopted to contain and to combat against the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Italy.

The decree ranges the measures referred in the art. 1 of the Prime Ministerial Decree dated March, 8 th , 2020 to the whole national territory.It is also forbidden to collect people in public places or in places open to the public.

In conclusion, the letter D of article 1 of the Presidential Decree dated March 8th, 2020 about sport events has been modified.

All of this is now in force until April 3rd, 2020.
>>> Prime Minister Decree dated March 9 th , 2020 (Italian version only)
>>> Prime Minister Decree dated March 8 th , 2020 (Italian version only)
>>> Decree #IoRestoaCasa (I Stay Home) by the Prime Minister dated March 9 th , 2020
question and answer . (Italian version only)

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Updated on Friday March 11th, 2020 – at 10.00 pm

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In case of necessity, to whom can, and should I address?

If you’re in the situation of suspecting of having something more complicated that a simple flu, please follow the indications of the sanitary authorities, the Government and the Campania Region.

You’ll find all the assistance you need in the Amalfi Coast, ranging from information to medical personnel taking charge of any situation.


Public national number to receive information from the Ministry of Health – 1500

To report cases of contaminations – 112

National sanitary service and medical emergency number – 118

Regional, toll-free hotline for further information – 800 909 699

Local sanitary entity for the province of Salerno – 089 693 960

Until April 3rd, 2020 Italy is a protected area.

It follows some recommendations about what to do from today to April 3rd, 2020

How far should I be from other people?
About 1 meter of distance.

If I have temperature?
Call your General Doctor staying home without going to Hospital or Emergency room.

Can I go to other cities?
Absolutely not, except for absolute necessity.

Can I go for health grounds?
Yes, sure!

Can I go for work? And if my working place is in another municipality?
Yes. To go for work is allowed.

Who should absolutely stay at home?
Elderly and persons who are immunodeficient or with several pathologies.

Masses or other religious services are available?

Café, restaurants can they work?
Yes from 6 am to 6 pm observing 1 meter of distance guests by guest.

Other shops?
They are closed during bank holidays (Sundays) and the day before it.

Open regularly.

Kindergartens, schools, universities are they open?
Not they aren’t! they are closed until April 3rd, 2020.

Are allowed meetings, events?
Not, they aren’t.

Pubs, Cinema, Gyms, Swimming pools, discos, museums, library are they regularly open?
Not, closed.

Town hall offices are they available?
All the Italian Town Hall offices are available online. Important and urgent services are guaranteed.

Can I go for shopping?
Yes! One person for any family.

Can I go visit my relatives?
It isn’t a priority need. The decree asks to stay as much as we can at home to avoid the spreading of the contagion.

Can I go out for a walk with my children?
Yes, but in any not crowed places and keeping always the security distances. It can go out, but it is not allowed to go in crowed areas where there aren’t people living in the same family.

Can I take care of my dear elderly who are not self-sufficient?
This is a real need. But remember: elderly are people who are at risk, so try to keep them away from the contagion.

Can I go for shopping in town?
Yes, it is allowed. But remember shops owners are obliged to determine a maximum number of people in the shop. In any case supermarkets and shopping centers.

Couriers can they round?
Yes they can.